A History of Northminster

When Northminster was chartered in 1947, the hills directly north of Cincinnati were largely undeveloped. Dairy farms, orchards, meadows where horses grazed, and dirt roads filled most of the area. After World War II the “migration” to the suburbs accelerated and Northminster grew rapidly as the population swelled. The congregation met initially in Liberty School on Winton Road before acquiring the property on Compton Road. Northminster completed several major building projects in the 1950’s and 1960’s to keep up with the burgeoning membership. The Upper Room (now dedicated to Student Ministries) was the first sanctuary in the original , two-story concrete block structure. Founder’s Hall, where today we hold the Crosspoint services, was the next sanctuary. Our current main sanctuary was finished just in time for Christmas, 1966.

Through the decades Northminster has been recognized in the area for vibrant ministries with children and students, for outstanding music, for a commitment to mission, and for a zeal to partner with others in serving our community. The congregation has included thousands of joyful, enthusiastic saints with a passion for Jesus Christ and an extraordinary array of talents offered in service to God’s mission. The legacy – of wonderful contributions from so many members and staff who have preceded us – is an inspiration for how we can all build upon the Church’s one foundation in Jesus Christ!


Northminster: A History of God’s Plan 1944-2017



Learn about Northminster’s rich history in Northminster: A History of God’s Plan 1944-2017″