Being a “missional” church

The grand challenge and change of Northminster is the transformation from a “church with missions” to a “missional church” – a people shaped by the awareness that we are sent on a mission every day. We not only “support” mission, we are the “missionaries” – ambassadors and servants of God’s mission in our own community and around the world. This identity shift (our “megamorphosis”) has been underway gradually for more than a decade; it continues to be the critical movement for our future. This megamorphosis provides the underlying mentality enabling us to be “internally strong and externally focused.”

We seek to be strong in making disciples, strong in worship, strong in congregational care and fellowship, strong in our stewardship, staffing, and facilities. But all strengths that the Lord provides are focused externally to make the Church more effective in the fulfillment of God’s mission.