Bob and Ellen Hargrave

Africa Inland Mission International – ECHO

Bob and Ellen Hargrave live in North Fort Myers, Florida. They are missionaries with Africa Inland Mission International (AIM). Africa Inland Mission is dedicated to the establishment of Christ-centered churches among all African peoples.

Bob is currently on loan to ECHO, a non-profit Christian organization that assists development workers teach farmers sustainable farming techniques, nutritional plants, and appropriate technologies. He serves as the Technical Research Coordinator, Agricultural Consulting Services and the East Africa Program Coordinator. He has a background in agricultural missions in Kenya, with expertise in drought resistant crops and famine relief distribution. Bob works with ECHO’s Technical Response Unit answering requests from missionaries and development workers overseas. His interests include dry land and tropical agriculture.

Ellen is an educational consultant. She currently serves as the Missionary Kid Education Advisor with AIM. Her work involves helping missionary parents place each of their children in the best educational environment possible, whether that be in a homeschool (with Mom as teacher or with a volunteer homeschool teacher), private school, or boarding school environment.