Marriage and Weddings

Weddings are great!EPSON DSC picture

Weddings at Northminster are extremely popular because of a beautiful sanctuary and setting for families and guests. We work hard to make it a joyful, memorable worship experience. If you are interested in a wedding at Northminster, please contact Trudy Teemley (931-0243 or ) in the church office.

For a Google Virtual Tour of the Sanctuary click here.

We are even more committed to the marriage than to the wedding! All couples who have decided to marry at Northminster are enrolled in our Preparing for Marriage Mentoring program through the Family Life Center. Initially, the couple completes the Prepare-Enrich online assessment. A mentor couple then meets with the engaged couple several times during the months leading up to the wedding. The focus of these meetings is to help engaged couples understand their strengths as well as the growing edges in their relationship. This is a very relaxed, positive and encouraging experience! There is a workbook with some exercises – and, yes, some homework between sessions.

Our mentor couples are very caring folks who are excited for their mentees, happy to share their own life experiences, and open to helping mentees navigate a part of their journey toward “happily ever after.”

Here are a few comments from others who have completed our marriage mentoring program:

“Our mentor couple was very easy to work with and promoted positive relationship discussions. We were so lucky to be paired with them.” ~E&M

“The mentoring program helped open our lines of communication even more.”~ C&B