Effects of Pregnancy


All around us we observe a pregnant creation. The difficult times of pain throughout the world are simply birth pangs. But it’s not only around us; it’s within us. The Spirit of God is arousing us within. Romans 8:22 MSG

Pregnancy changes a mother forever. Not only does her body change while growing another life within herself, but her body forever bears marks of that change. A pregnancy is not something that can be reduced to one moment, it is a series of moments, hours, days, months.
Consider what the Spirit of God is doing in your life. What is being born in you? What are the effects of that transformation on your body? What are the effects of that gestation period on that hours, days, months, years in which you await the full arrival of the Spirit’s intentions in your life?
Look at the above painting, The Street, by artists Jacob Lawrence. As an African American painter beginning in the 1950s he saw the important role of the mothers caring for their children in public, at the corners, in church, and in community. While contemporary art of his day was moving to shapes and abstraction, Lawrence wanted his audience to return to humanity, to see the humanness of the other. 

Who are those people in our community who are waiting for new creation to be born? Do you know their names? What do you know of their stories. How might the waiting for God’s new creation wear on their hopes and dreams. Does that sort of waiting wear on you? 

Paul is locating his reader within the wider longing of their community and world. Today consider what longings your community has. Consider how some of those are like your own longings and how some of these are not the same. What does it mean to long together for the rebirth promised in Christ’s resurrection?

Take some time again so look at Lawrence’s painting, to reread Romans 8:22, and to pray. See if the Lord brings to mind a person or an issue in our community that you can simply be curious about. What is one simple step to follow that prompting of the Holy Spirit? Perhaps your curiosity and friendship is a part of another’s rebirth… perhaps God is sending a fellow member of creation to participate in your own spiritual rebirth.