14th Annual Northminster Fine Arts Fair

Saturday, February 2, 2019
10:00 am – 4:00 pm
703 Compton Road
Finneytown, Ohio

Over 40 regional visual artists will descend on Finneytown for an incredible day of visual arts. The fair features high-quality oil paintings, drawings, water colors, prints, pottery, wood turning, photography, fabric art and one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces shown by artists from Ohio and Kentucky. The art will be sold at prices ranging from a few dollars to several hundred. There is also a fair-trade market, comprised of vendor booths selling international handcrafts, jewelry, coffee, and chocolate. Artists from Visionaries + Voices will also participate. V+V is a local non-profit organization with a mission to provide artistic, cultural, and professional opportunities for adult artists with disabilities, including space and art supplies. A children’s area provides the free opportunity to work on a variety of art projects. They can also make a pot on a pottery wheel (for a $3 fee).

Click here for the Artist Applications. The  deadline to submit your application for the 2019 Art Fair is December 1. To add your name to our mailing list, send an email to .


Photos from the artists in last year’s show are showcased on our Facebook Page (accessible to public, you do not need to be a Facebook member to view).


Profits from the Fair will go to Support Visionaries + Voices

Visionaries + Voices is a non-profit organization that provides representation, studio space, supplies, and support to more than 140 visual artists with disabilities. V+V artists actively contribute to the greater arts community through creative, educational, and strategic partnerships with local and regional artists, schools, and business  leaders. Come meet some of V+V artists and staff at the fair.


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