PC(USA) Missionaries in Northern Iraq

(Names withheld due to service in a sensitive area.)

Reverends NI are sharing Christ’s love and hope to both the Iraqi Internally Displaced People (IDPs) who are mostly Yezidi Kurds and Christians, as well as the refugees, most of whom are Muslim Kurds from northern Syria. Though life for Christian workers in the Middle East is a somewhat complicated affair, but heir presence in the region is essential and respected.

Reverends NI have expressed an extensive need for prayer:

  • Security in Baghdad continues to improve.
  • Christian leaders in the region: although the church is looking positively to the future and making plans, nonetheless, the emigration of people, and particularly limited key leaders, to the West is taking a toll.
  • Good sharing continues and good ways to share that avoid communication mistakes, like the phrase, “God spoke to me.”
  • For the holistic ministry of the Horizon Center.refugees
  • Aid distributions to refugees goes smoothly.
  • Disciple Making Movement Training has an impact.
  • Details of scheduling with churches will come together well for mutual encouragement in the partnership in the Gospel
  • The WHOLE REGION … Iraq, Syria, Turkish, and beyond.