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New Communion Parament (tablecloth) for Ordinary Time

The IDEA for our new ORDINARY TIME Communion parament (tablecloth), came from a photo Pastor Nancy took at Salisbury Cathedral Flower Show, while on sabbatical in England in June 2011. 

Nancy wondered, “Wouldn’t it be great to show the Cincinnati skyline…The skyline would remind us that this is where we are Called to be the church – right here – even during ORDINARY TIME…” The IDEA was shared with Gay Volz, a marvelous quilter and new member at NmPC. Gay recruited a willing team of talented artists, seamstresses and quilters. The labor of love took over a year. Many thanks to Gay, and her granddaughter, Lilly Volz, Kathy Amann, Julie Ficke, Alice Lee and Terry Owen, owner of Silk Road Textiles, for the exquisite reminder that we are Ordinary People, called to live Extraordinary lives for Christ, right here in the greater Cincinnati area.


Sacred Space Collage
in Fellowship Commons

Sacred Spaces CollageThe Sacred Space Collage depicts the heartbeat of Northminster Presbyterian Church. The theme of this collage tells today’s story of Northminster through its current membership as a community of believers in Jesus Christ who are growing their faith, sharing their hope and showing their love; who are inwardly strong and outwardly focused. Professional artist, Deb Drager from Wichita, Kansas provided the visual image and guided eleven  member and friends of Northminster in creating this collage. To read more about this project and see upclose photo of the collage click here.