Ways to Serve

What does it mean to be missional? Missional means discerning where God is at work and joining him there. We are guided by the truth that: “God did not create the world to go to church. He created the church to go to the world.” Northminster strives to maintain a balance of being BOTH internally strong and externally focused. You will find both internal and external opportunities to get connected at Northminster. View these pages to determine where you can contribute: Worship & Facilities, Student Ministries, and Local Service which may be located either on the church campus or in the community.

Additionally, we have CONNECT DAY. Connect Day is a day when members and friends of Northminster go out into the community and volunteer their time to spruce up, clean up or whatever needs to be done at the different worksites. This year we will be working at: Finneytown Schools, ReThreads, Springfield Towship, Visisionaries and Voices, Valley Interfaith Food and Clothing, Reading/Lockland Presbyterian Church, Journey to Hope and Northminster’s own Church Campus.

CONNECT Day will be Saturday, August 11. Show up at the church by 8:00 A.M. Breakfast will be served and a group photo before you will be sent off to work. Everyone will return to the church for lunch. Sign up here