Annual Connect Day

CONNECT is an annual missional work day where a large number of members and friends of all ages from Northminster (over 200 people) roll up their sleeves and get involved in hands on service work in our local community. The objective is to share the love of Christ with people who may never feel comfortable going into a church.  Being a missional church, Northminster believes that God did not create the world to go to church.   God created the church to go to the world. CONNECT is usually the second Saturday in August each year.   

Typical projects include painting, outdoor yard work, mulching, working with teachers, inside cleaning and clerical work.   In 2017, we volunteered at Finneytown Schools, Springfield Township, ReThreads, Valley Interfaith Food and Clothing and Reading/Lockland Presbyterian Church. Our goal is to make this one day so exciting and gratifying that our members get hooked on doing outreach service and that they will want to do more throughout the year in many different ways that match their gifts and interests.

Other CONNECT day activities include: preparing a continental breakfast, participating in focused prayers for both the day and the volunteers, and helping to serve lunch for the project volunteers upon their return to the Northminster campus.