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Arts in Worship




We worship God with our whole being, including our senses. Therefore, in addition to music, Northminster often incorporates various arts to prompt our worship and convey the message. We utilize photography, graphics, drama, “light readers”, paper-cutting, textiles, paintings, banners, “props”, and other media to create visual “prompts” or images that point us to Christ. For more information, please contact Nancy Ross-Zimmerman at 931-0243.











Curating Worship at Crosspoint

Northminster is a very creative church and we seek to incorporate imagination, imagery, and participation by giving creatives places of leadership in worship. Each worship series a group of artists (experienced and brand new toe-dippers) meet to design our worship space in Founders Hall.  The design as well as original songwriting is coordinated with the theme or liturgical season of worship. For more details contact the Director of Outreach and Communications, .