9:00 am:    Crosspoint (in Founders Hall)

10:30 am:   Sanctuary



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Our 9:00 A.M. Crosspoint service is most commonly referred to as our “contemporary” worship service. The purpose of Crosspoint is the same as all of worship: to glorify God and be shaped to love others and follow Jesus in our everyday life. Where does the cross point? It points to God, to the servanthood of Jesus, to reconciliation, and to this beloved world into which we are all sent. Each week in Crosspoint we seek to do that, to “combine life and worship.”  Our hope is that when you come to worship you will find robust singing, prayers and practices that access your imagination, your body, and your heart, a nurturing place for families, and engagement with scripture that will connect you with God, your neighbor, the historical and global church community, and this world in which we live and love.




Weekend Services

Our 10:30 A.M. service in the Sanctuary draws from the best of centuries of Reformed worship.  Here people engage with traditional Christian symbols, hymnody, and historical vestments as well as evocative liturgy and art—all with the intent to equip people to follow Jesus Christ.  At these worship services, you might find any number of wonderful ensembles leading in worship including the Sanctuary Choir, handbell ensembles, string or brass groups, and many other talented musicians sharing their gifts for God’s glory.   Most of the singing is lead by our wonderful organist.


Whichever service you attend, we trust that you will hear the Word of God proclaimed and enacted by the people of God.  We come to meet with the God who came down to earth to meet with us.  We would love to hear more about your experience if you are a visitor or would like to get more connected to this church family!


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